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Home equity loans are a great source of consumer credit.

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Home Equity Loans - One Of The Most Popular Consumer Credit Lines Available

Are you in the market for home equity loans?

Borrowing money through a home equity loans has become a very popular source of consumer credit. Lenders are offering home equity loans in a variety of ways. Most home equity loans come with variable interest rates, some come with attractive low introductory rates and a few even come with fixed rates.

Do you know what these rates mean on home loans?

A variable rate means you will have a home equity loan with an interest rate that changes as the country's prime interest rate changes. A fixed rate means you can lock in your home equity loans at one interest rate. This is good in you can lock in at a low rate and the rate eventually goes up. But this is not good if you lock in a rate, but then the rate drops. The good thing about a fixed rate is you can always refinance your mortgage if the rate drops. With interest rates at a forty year low right now, locking in now can pretty much guarantee you a low rate for a long time to come.

All home loans have different types of fees and balloon payments. You will find home equity loans can have large one-time upfront fees, other loans have closing costs and some have continuing costs such as annual fees. You will also find home equity loans with large balloon payments at the end of the loan and others with no balloons but higher monthly payments.

Be sure to review the home equity carefully before you sign it. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the terms and conditions of your financing. Signing home equity loans is great for your future, but you don't want to get screwed. Be careful about home equity loans that have large balloon payments at the end of the loan. You don't want to have to borrow money at the end of the loan just to pay off the loan.

The best thing about home improvement loans is that you are actually investing in your home while borrowing money. Improving your home will increase its value.

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